Wonder of World
International Kids School


Some of Our Goals Are

  • To Help Chilren Develop to Their Fullest Potential.
  • To Support and strengthen the Family Unity.
  • To Deliver Child Care in a Carring, Safe & Positive Environment.
  • "A Place to Go a Chance to Grow for Children"

    Performance Encouragement in Learning and Nurturing

  • Special Talent
  • Drama / Theatre
  • Story - Telling
  • Dance
  • Toy Center
  • Book Reading
  • Drawing / Painting
  • Art & Craft
  • Clay Modelling
  • Sports
  • Counselling
  • "Full Space in Play Area"

    Our Vision

    TO Make Every Child Who Walks out From Wonder of world Kids school to be a good human being & achieve success in their respective feild, eventually becomes the torch bearers of our country's future.

    Our Mission

    By Upgrading & Enriching Our Faculties, Facilities & Infrastructure that is comparable to the best ones in the world.